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'Bridge to the Cloud': New Microsoft Offer for On-Premises Customers

Starting Sept 1st, 2021, the 'Bridge to Cloud' promotion by Microsoft makes it easier to transition from on-premises to the cloud. Here's what you need to know.

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Is your organization still using an on-premises ERP solution like Dynamics NAV or Dynamics GP? If so, you're likely missing out on numerous cloud benefits that Dynamics 365 Business Central offers – benefits that give your competitors an edge.

Businesses across industries are making the switch to the cloud – and for good reasons. Cloud solutions have proven themselves in times of uncertainty by providing resilience, scalability, flexibility, speed, and the ability to go remote at a moment's notice.

If you're looking to migrate to the cloud but are uncertain about what that looks like or uneasy about costs, you're in luck because Microsoft's newest promotion makes it easy to bridge that gap, with their aptly named offer called 'Bridge to the Cloud.'

Introducing Microsoft's Bridge to the Cloud Promotion

The 'Bridge to the Cloud' promotion will help organizations using on-premises Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV to transition to the Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud.

This promotion enables existing customers with an active Enhancement Plan (EP) to renew their EP through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program and receive Dynamics 365 Business Central online licenses.

This means that you can renew your EP plan as a monthly subscription and receive license Dynamics 365 Business Central at a 60% discounted price. Plus, you get to run your existing on-premises system at the same time.

The offer begins on September 1, 2021, and runs through to December 31, 2022.

Bridge to the Cloud: What Are The Benefits?

There are numerous benefits to leverage if you decide to claim this offer.

  • The monthly billing option eliminates your capital spending (that lump sum EP payment you make annually) and improves your cash flow. This is especially beneficial for smaller businesses.

  • You can license Dynamics 365 Business Central online at a 60% discounted price.

  • You can run both your on-premises solution and experience Business Central cloud at the same time, thanks to the dual-access rights and downgrade rights this promotion offers. This gives you time to try out Business Central and plan for a smoother migration

  • When your company is ready to make the switch, you'll be able to get additional user licenses at no extra cost.

  • During this time, you still have your Enhancement Plan benefits for the duration of the promo term.

Bridge to the Cloud: Who Can Apply?

Existing Microsoft customers can apply for this promotion if they meet certain criteria.

For instance, you must have a Dynamics on-premises license such as Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, or Dynamics SL and have an active EP plan.

Your new Business Central license must also be the same price or more than your annual Enhancement plan throughout the duration of the promotional period (up to 4 years.)

If you have questions about eligibility or want to check if your company meets all the requirements to claim this promotion, get in touch with the Kwixand Solutions team. You can fill in this form here, and we'll get back to you. Alternatively, you can reach us at or 1-604-256-5800.

Bridge to Cloud Promotion Considerations

This promotion is geared for customers who intend to migrate to the cloud within the next few year as there are a few considerations to keep in mind with this promotion.

When you claim this offer, your company is enrolled on a one-year subscription. You do have the option to renew your subscription three times – so up to 4 years in total – in case you need some more time before you migrate.

However, it is important to note that this promotion has a one-way path. This means that once you claim the promo, you will not be able to revert back to the EP plan. If your company chooses not to migrate to the cloud and wants to re-enroll back in EP, it will be seen as "lapsed," and you will have to pay a fee of 3% of your system list for as long as you were on the promotion.

Get More Information about Microsoft's Bridge to the Cloud Promotion

If you'd like more information about this promotion or have any questions about the offer details, considerations, or whether to check if your company qualifies for this new promotion, we are here to help!

Request more information here or contact our Business Central consultants directly at 1-604-256-5800 or drop a line at

Kwixand Solutions is a Silver Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner, specializing in Dynamics 365 Business Central. We guide small and mid-sized companies across North America through all stages of their cloud transformation and help them achieve their business goals.

Bridge to the Cloud Microsoft Offer for Business Central

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