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D365 Business Central Boosts Your Customer Experience. Here's How.

Looking to improve customer experience and overall profitability? An integrated system like Dynamics 365 Business Central can help with that.

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Customer experience has become more critical than ever to organizations, and positive customer experiences are crucial to your business's success. That is because a satisfied customer is more likely to become a loyal or returning customer, which in turn can help you boost revenue and generate word-of-mouth referrals.

Customer acquisition and retention are crucial to organizations for financial profitability and growth. But many companies who grew rapidly still operate with disjointed software solutions that they try to knit together to address their business needs. Suppose you have separate software solutions to handle your accounting, your sales, or your project management and billing, as well as a CRM for managing leads and prospects. In that case, your information is contained in different silos – and this tends to have a negative impact on your customer experience and business on the whole.

Let's look at how choosing an integrated ERP system like Dynamics 365 Business Central will support your business and improve customer experience and satisfaction.

You'll have visibility into customer data and behavior - all in one place.

With an integrated ERP solution like Dynamics 365 Business Central, all your data is stored within a single database. Plus, data is not limited to contact information, but you'll have insights into your customers' buying habits and preferences. Having this sort of information easily accessible is extremely useful for understanding your customer needs and behavior. Plus, all your employees across different departments can have access to the same customer information and transaction.

This allows your team to:

  • Reply to customer inquiries quickly and easily

  • Real-time visibility into your customer transactions means you will be able to provide a consistent customer service experience

  • Sales staff will find it easier to spot cross-selling, or upselling opportunities, and managers will be able to plan targeted promotions based on your customer needs and wants.

  • Customer behavior data also gives you the insights to design new products or services that will win and retain more customers.

You'll be able to streamline your business processes efficiently.

With separate, disjointed systems comes a lot of admin work for an organization. Processes like reconciling orders with payments, updating customer transaction details, and more, are often done manually in such scenarios, often leading to human errors. Over time, these cost the business time, and money and these errors can also impact customer service and experience.

With an integrated ERP solution like Dynamics 365 Business Central, all your processes are streamlined and automated, saving your employees time and reducing costly errors.

Dynamics 365 Business Central lets you view and update quotes in real-time, list sales orders associated with a specific quote. It simplifies processes further by allowing you quickly generate an invoice once a product or service is delivered. Plus, you can easily track the number of quotes, revisions, orders, and more.

This is beneficial to your customers because:

  • Your customers can be kept informed of the progress of their order and told of any changes quickly

  • If your processes are streamlined, and your entire business runs smoother overall and reduce errors, this reliability will make your customers view your business in a positive light.

You'll be able to maintain better customer service.

This is especially relevant to professional services organizations – having an integrated ERP system like Dynamics 365 Business Central makes it easier for your company to handle customer service management. Suppose your company provides professional or field services. In that case, you'll have specific tools at your fingertips which can help you easily schedule service calls and set up service orders, track repair parts and supplies, assign service personnel based on your skill and availability and provide service estimates and invoices.

Again, this will benefit your customers because:

  • You'll be delivering outstanding project experiences that might make them more likely to use your services again.

  • Once again, the consistency of automated processes means you can offer reliable services to customers – giving you an edge over competitors who don't.

Final Thoughts

Siloed data and manual processes may work for a while but eventually will impact your company's brand and customer experience. ERP software – which can integrate your company's processes and operations under one platform – will help you serve your existing customers well and increase profitability.

Finding a Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner

If you want to learn more about how Dynamics 365 Business Central can transform your company, reach out to the Kwixand Solutions team. We are a certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partner based in Vancouver, Canada, and have helped small and mid-sized companies across North America get started with Business Central.

Click to learn more about a free assessment to find out if Dynamics 365 Business Central is Right for You


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