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ERP business consultant with a client

Free 1-Day Assessment

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Our free one-day ERP assessment is designed to provide you with an understanding of how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central could fit in your organization along with the cost and timeline required to implement the ERP software.

Our experts will work with you to review, evaluate, and develop a plan for your organization to successfully adopt Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, based on your current needs and the suitability of the product.


Free Assessment

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Your Free Assessment Will Include

  • Identification of potential risks and challenges

  • Internal skills assessment

  • Business process area(s) to prioritize 

  • Cost-effective project roadmap

An Implementation Approach

 Digital Transformation Proposal

  • Scope (by phase if recommended)

  • Time

  • Cost (both estimate or fixed cost available)

  • Long-term strategy to maximize ROI

Assessment Agenda


We will begin with a high-level discussion of your business needs:

  • What processes are involved

  • Use cases

  • Target users and scenarios

  • Current and desired organizational skills and structure

A brief overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • Functionality

  • Licensing


We will go over the following with you to understand your requirements:

  • Key Processes

  • Major pain points and process inefficiencies

  • Current network environment and infrastructure

  • Reporting and migration requirements

We will then take the information we have gathered and assemble our assessment.


Our deliverables include:

  • An in-depth implementation plan and road map with the most efficient and cost-effective way to leverage the solution

  • A proposal to help assist you with your digital transformation goals as well as a long-term strategy on how to maximize the ongoing use and ROI

Ready to transform your business?

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