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Manufacture a Resilient Future

Looking for Industry Specific Solutions in Manufacturing?

Discover how our tailored software solutions optimize production processes, streamline inventory management, and enhance customer engagement across diverse sectors for a seamless experience. From tools to facilitate precision engineering to seamless logistics management, our solutions empower efficiency and innovation, ensuring your manufacturing business stays ahead in today's competitive industry landscape. Whether you specialize in fabrication, assembly, or processing, our adaptable software solutions are engineered to meet your unique needs and drive success in any part of the manufacturing industry.

RV & Trailer Manufacturing

Explore our cutting-edge software solutions tailored for the RV and trailer manufacturing industry, streamlining production processes and enhancing customer experiences.

Metal & Steel Manufacturing

Discover how our innovative software solutions optimize operations in metal and steel manufacturing, driving efficiency and precision across the supply chain.

Animal & Food Processing

Uncover the power of our specialized software solutions designed for the animal and food processing sector, ensuring compliance, traceability, and quality control from farm to table.

Blue Skies

How Cloud ERP Like Dynamics 365 Helps Manufacturers Innovate

In the rapidly evolving landscape of manufacturing, innovation is the key to staying ahead of the curve. Cloud ERP systems, like Dynamics 365, are revolutionizing the industry, empowering manufacturers with the agility, scalability, and insights needed to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge. Explore how leveraging Cloud ERP solutions can catalyze innovation across various facets of manufacturing.

Compliance and Security

Cloud ERP solutions ensure compliance with industry regulations and data security standards, providing peace of mind while you focus on driving innovation and growth.

Real-time Insights

Access to real-time data analytics empowers informed decision-making, allowing you to identify trends, anticipate customer needs, and optimize processes for maximum efficiency and profitability.


Dynamics 365 enables you to scale operations seamlessly, accommodating fluctuating demand and expanding business horizons without the constraints of traditional on-premises systems.

Predictive Maintenance

Leveraging IoT and predictive analytics capabilities, Cloud ERP systems like Dynamics 365 enable proactive maintenance strategies, minimizing downtime and optimizing equipment performance.

Customization and Flexibility

Dynamics 365 offers extensive customization options to tailor the ERP system to your unique manufacturing processes and requirements, supporting innovation through flexibility and adaptability.

Supply Chain Optimization

Cloud ERP streamlines supply chain management, enhancing visibility, traceability, and coordination across the entire supply chain network, from raw material sourcing to product delivery.

Get in touch today to learn more about how a cloud ERP like Dynamics 365 can help your manufacturing business achieve success 

How We Help Manufacturers Like You

Manufacturing Testimonials

"I whole heartedly recommend Kwixand Solutions. And the reason I recommend them is because I know that the solution that they will offer will be an honest one and will help your business long-term. They never try to push something you don't need."

- Cornell Lazurca
Plant Manager, Johnston’s Packers 

Johnston Packers Testimonial - Headshot
Johnston Packers Logo
Lorne Northern Lite Headshot

- Lorne Rodenhizer
Director of Finance, Northern Lite

“Anyone can just take your data and move it from one system to another. But the ability to circumvent issues as they arise – that is hugely important. I would recommend Kwixand Solutions wholeheartedly. We hired them for a specific reason, and I would say they very much lived up to that reason. They executed on what they promised - there were no surprises."

Tailored Solutions To Meet Your Manufacturing Needs

At the heart of our commitment to empowering manufacturers is a suite of powerful tools designed to optimize operations, streamline processes, and drive growth. From Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Business Central to Microsoft Power BI and Power Apps, and more, our comprehensive portfolio of solutions offers the flexibility and functionality to address the unique challenges and opportunities facing your manufacturing business. Learn more about how these innovative tools can transform your operations and propel your business forward through the links below.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Optimize manufacturing operations with real-time visibility, predictive insights, and intelligent automation that streamlines production processes, enhances inventory management, and ensures timely delivery of products.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Gain comprehensive financial management tools, inventory tracking systems, and streamlined operations, enabling efficient resource allocation, cost control, and informed decision-making for sustainable growth.

Power BI

Extract actionable insights from your data through interactive dashboards, reports, and data visualizations that facilitate data-driven decision-making, process optimization, and performance monitoring.

Power Apps

Create custom, scalable applications tailored to your unique needs to facilitate process automation, workflow optimization, and enhanced productivity throughout the manufacturing lifecycle.

Stacks of Coins

Eliminate Risks With Our Fixed Fee Manufacturing Implementation Plans

As a long-time solutions partner to the manufacturing industry, we understand the critical importance of mitigating risks and ensuring a smooth transition for manufacturing businesses adopting new technology. Our KwixStart Implementation and KwixSmart Implementation plans are meticulously crafted to offer transparent, fixed-fee solutions tailored to your specific needs. Explore more to discover how each plan can drive success and innovation in your manufacturing operations.

KwixStart Implementation

Fixed fee project of $45,000 with a 12 week implementation timeline

Lean fixed fee implementation for Dynamics 365 Business Central

The plan includes a discovery process, data import, and training and support for up to 20 users

Set list of project deliverables with the ability to add additional support.

KwixSmart Implementation

The fixed fee and timeline is determined by the complexity of your company

2 part fixed fee implementations for Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions

Phase I includes: discovery, functional requirements, project plan & schedule, & proposal document

Phase II includes: ERP implementation, go-live, training, and support

Continued Support with Kwixand Customer Care

Our commitment to supporting manufacturers doesn't go away once your implementation is complete. As your trusted partner, we provide long-term support with the Kwixand Customer Care Program.

Manufacturing Insights

Dive into the latest trends, strategies, and innovations shaping the manufacturing industry. Our curated collection of Kwixand blog articles offer valuable insights, expert perspectives, and actionable tips to drive success in your manufacturing endeavors.

Manufacturing Webinar Graphic

Discover the 6 Essential Strategies to Successfully Navigate Supply Chain Disruptions

Is your company struggling with supply chain disruptions, constraints, and bottlenecks? Access our webinar on demand to gain foresight into  disruptions and discover solutions to strengthen your supply chain. 

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