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RV & Trailer Manufacturing

Streamline Production with Custom Solutions 

Looking for Solutions to these Common Challenges?

At Kwixand Solutions, we understand that the road to success isn't always smooth. Navigating the intricacies of RV and trailer manufacturing, in partnership with our clients in the industry, has allowed us to understand and adapt solutions for the unique challenges faced by RV and trailer manufacturers. 

Inventory Management


Maintaining optimal inventory levels and even just keeping an up-to-date eye on the inventory in stock when you are working with such a wide range of specialized parts can be overwhelming. Overstocking or understocking of parts and materials can lead to increased costs, storage challenges, and potentially devastating production delays.

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Complex Production Processes


RV and trailer manufacturing involves intricate production processes with various components and stages. Managing these complexities without the right tools can result in errors, difficulties scaling production, and overall decreased efficiency.

Data Accuracy and Traceability


Managing unique serial numbers and ensuring accurate product traceability can be extremely difficult without the right tools and systems in place. The precise level of data management required to track the complex flow of components throughout the production process demands a flexible and integrated solution that rarely fits the bill straight out of the box.

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Regulatory Compliance


Compliance with industry regulations and standards is vital for RV and trailer manufacturers. Keeping up with changing regulations, ensuring product safety, and meeting quality standards can be time-consuming and resource intensive. Non-compliance can result in costly penalties and damage to your brand's reputation.

Custom Tailored Solutions for RV & Trailer Manufacturing

At Kwixand Solutions, we use our industry knowledge to custom tailor software and cloud solutions to meet the exact needs of RV and trailer manufacturers like you. We work with you to gain a deep understanding of your current processes so we can build the exact systems and software to address not only your goals and needs but that also resonate with your company culture. All of our solutions utilize secure, modern cloud solutions like Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Power Platform, which work seamlessly with the Microsoft tools you are already using and are automatically kept up to date with the latest technology. Discover the power of personalized solutions that go beyond industry standards to address the challenges you are currently facing and propel your RV and trailer manufacturing business toward success.

Custom Product Configuration

Experience a new level of inventory management through our Custom Product Configurations. Tailor-made setups help you match your inventory to your build, eliminating overstocking and understocking issues, reducing storage costs, and ensuring real-time availability of the right components. Optimize your inventory seamlessly and elevate operational efficiency.

Transforming complex production processes is effortless with our Dynamic Sales Line Rules. This solution simplifies intricate workflows by providing adaptable rules tailored to your specific needs. With real-time adjustments based on sales data, our system ensures a streamlined and error-free production process, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Dynamic Sales Line Rules

Automated Serialization and Tracking

Our cutting-edge Automated Serialization and Tracking solution ensures flawless precision throughout your manufacturing process. By automating serialization, you not only eliminate errors but also enhance product traceability seamlessly. Elevate your operations with confidence, knowing that every step is recorded with utmost accuracy.

Our In-Depth Auditing and Compliance Review solution revolutionizes the challenge of regulatory compliance. With advanced auditing capabilities, you gain a comprehensive overview of your compliance status in real-time. Trust in a seamless compliance review process that keeps your operations in check, reduces the risk of penalties, and upholds the highest standards in your industry. 

In-Depth Auditing and Compliance Review 

Unlock Industry Knowledge and Expertise 

When you choose Kwixand Solutions as your software partner, you open a world of tailored industry knowledge designed to enhance growth and drive success. Our intimate knowledge of the RV and trailer manufacturing industry allows us to offer you insights and solutions that are built specifically for your unique needs. Discover the power of partnering with a dedicated team of experts that understands your challenges and is committed to guiding you toward success through digital transformation and customized solutions. Your journey is our priority, let our expertise become your compass.

Manufacturing Testimonials

“Anyone can just take your data and move it from one system to another. But the ability to circumvent issues as they arise – that is hugely important. I would recommend Kwixand Solutions wholeheartedly. We hired them for a specific reason, and I would say they very much lived up to that reason. They executed on what they promised - there were no surprises."

Lorne Rodenhizer
Director of Finance, Northern Lite

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Optimize Processes - Resource Page Graphic

Optimize Your Processes in Distribution and Manufacturing

Have you found that your processes have outgrown your software? Is your team bogged down with manual processes and manual data touchpoints? Access our webinar on demand to gain insights into optimizing your production and distribution processes to increase efficiency and cut costs.. 

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