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Animal & Food Processing

Nourishing Operations with Custom Solutions 

Looking for Solutions to these Common Challenges?

Within the world of animal and food processing, Kwixand Solutions recognizes that your path to success is rarely a linear one. By immersing ourselves alongside you in this dynamic industry, we've garnered a nuanced understanding of the challenges you encounter. Armed with this insight, we craft solutions as adaptable as a well-trained livestock, enabling you to navigate the complexities of this terrain with confidence and efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance


Navigating industry regulations and standards presents a significant challenge for animal and food processors. Constantly monitoring and adapting to shifting regulations, while simultaneously ensuring product safety and maintaining quality standards, can drain both time and resources. 



Getting quality control just right in animal and food processing isn't a walk in the park. Keeping track of quality at each stage of production can be a gruelling task, especially without the right tools and support to ensure each batch meets the high standards expected in the industry.

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Intricate Specialization of Production Orders


Managing the intricate specialization of production orders in animal and food processing is a demanding task. Each order comes with its own unique set of requirements. Keeping track of these details and ensuring they are executed accurately can be challenging, especially when juggling multiple orders simultaneously. 


Input and Output Alignment


Aligning input and output in animal and food processing requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure that the units entering the production process match the catchweights and quantities of finished products leaving the facility. Failure to manage this effectively can lead to wastage, inefficiency, and disruptions in production.

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Custom Tailored Solutions for Animal & Food Processors

By harnessing our industry insight, we are able to craft bespoke software and cloud solutions meticulously tailored to the precise needs of animal and food processors like yourself. Through collaborative exploration of your current workflows, we gain a full understanding of your business and culture, enabling us to select and customize systems and software aligned with your objectives. Discover the transformative impact of personalized solutions that exceed industry standards and make the most out of our targeted solutions that address your exact needs to propel your animal and food processing business toward unparalleled success.

In-Depth Auditing and Compliance Review 

Our In-Depth Auditing and Compliance Review tool transforms the landscape of regulatory compliance. Equipped with advanced auditing features, it provides you with a real-time, comprehensive snapshot of your compliance status. Trust that this seamless compliance review process will keep your operations in line, minimize the risk of penalties, and uphold the highest standards within your industry.

Custom Compliance Solutions

Streamline your quality control processes with our Custom Compliance Solution, designed to harmonize with your quality assurance procedures, guaranteeing that your products not only meet your high standards but also comply with all regulatory requirements. Its intuitive interface empowers you to track, report, and seamlessly demonstrate compliance, enabling you to stay ahead of industry regulations, enhance product quality, and offer transparency to your customers.

Extended Attribute Recording

Extended Attribute Recording allows you to incorporate the detailed complexities of animal and food processing. This innovative solution provides a robust digital platform for meticulously recording all aspects of your production. Seamlessly integrated into your workflow, it empowers you to track, analyze, and optimize production orders with unparalleled precision.

Experience the pinnacle of precision in the animal and food processing industry with our Automated Serialization and Lot Tracking solution. This advanced system guarantees seamless accuracy throughout your production process. By automating serialization, it eradicates errors and bolsters product traceability effortlessly. Elevate your operations with peace of mind, assured that every step is meticulously recorded.

Automated Serialization and Lot Tracking

Continued Support with Kwixand Customer Care

Our commitment to supporting animal and food processors doesn't end after implementation. Gain peace of mind with ongoing support from a trusted long-term partner with the Kwixand Customer Care Program.

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"I whole heartedly recommend Kwixand Solutions. And the reason I recommend them is because I know that the solution that they will offer will be an honest one and will help your business long-term. They never try to push something you don't need."

- Cornell Lazurca
Plant Manager, Johnston’s Packers 

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Unlock Industry Knowledge and Expertise 

When you partner with Kwixand Solutions for your software needs, you unlock a host of specialized industry insights crafted to bolster growth and propel your success in the animal and food processing industry. Our in-depth knowledge of this field empowers us to offer you insights and solutions finely tuned to your unique needs. Experience the transformative potential of collaborating with a dedicated team of experts who intimately understand the challenges you face and are wholeheartedly committed to shepherding you toward success through digital innovation. Your journey is our priority, so let our expertise serve as your guide in navigating this dynamic industry.

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