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Metal & Steel Manufacturing

Forging Excellence with Custom Solutions 

Looking for Solutions to these Common Challenges?

At Kwixand Solutions, we know the path to success in the metal and steel manufacturing industry cuts through some rugged terrain. Working alongside industry partners like you we've been able to navigate all the nitty-gritty needs of metal manufacturing, allowing for the creation of hand-crafted solutions that tackle your specific industry challenges head-on.



Nailing quality control in metal and steel manufacturing is no easy feat. Each phase, from casting to finishing, has its own set of rules, and ensuring compliance can be a daunting task if you don't have the right tools to guide you. 

Extensive Detail in Production Orders


Trying to cram every detail associated with a heat number, from raw material data to the final product specifications, is a constant battle. Each measurement is essential, but most out-of-the-box systems don't offer enough space for all the details required for metal and steel production orders.

Supply Chain


Getting a grip on the whole supply chain scene is crucial for metal and steel manufacturers. Balancing stock levels, ensuring timely deliveries, and handling unexpected hiccups in the material flow are constant hurdles in this intricate process.

Material Lifecycle Tracking


Tracking the lifecycle of materials in metal and steel manufacturing is a puzzle of its own. The meticulous level of management and tracking required at each phase of production requires highly sophisticated methods of serialization and reporting as well as complex automations to ensure data migrates accurately from one phase to the next.

Custom Tailored Solutions for Metal Manufacturing

At Kwixand Solutions, we tailor software and cloud solutions specifically for metal and steel manufacturers like you. We partner with you to fully understand your processes so the systems we create for you are sure to meet your exact goals and compliment your company culture. Experience personalized solutions that go beyond industry standards to overcome your unique challenges and drive success in the metal and steel manufacturing industry.

Custom Compliance Solutions

With our Custom Compliance Solutions, you can streamline your quality control with ease. This tailored solution seamlessly aligns with your quality processes, ensuring products not only meet your standards but also tick all the regulatory boxes. The user-friendly interface allows you to track, report, and effortlessly demonstrate compliance to stay ahead of industry regulations, elevate your product quality, and provide transparency to your customers.

Extended Attribute Recording offers a streamlined approach to capture and manage the intricate details of your production processes. This solution provides a robust digital canvas for recording all the specifics of your heat numbers, from raw material details to dimensional nuances. With seamless integration into your workflow, it enhances your ability to track, analyze, and optimize production orders with precision

Extended Attribute Recording

Supply Chain Management and Insights

This powerful supply chain management tool provides real-time visibility from raw materials to finished products, offering a clear view of stock levels, delivery statuses, and potential shortages. It's designed for simplicity, empowering you to effortlessly manage live tracking, inventory, and unexpected twists in your supply chain. 

This cutting-edge tool automates data exchanges throughout key phases of production. This solution offers unparalleled efficiency as it integrates seamlessly into your workflow. By automating heat and data tracking throughout the production process, every stage of production is streamlined, from the introduction of raw materials to the final product leaving the facility.

Automated Production Classification and Tracking

Unlock Industry Knowledge and Expertise 

When you partner with Kwixand Solutions, you unlock a wealth of knowledge, curated over decades of experience in the metal and steel manufacturing industry, to boost your growth and ensure success. Experience the strength of collaborating with a dedicated team that understands your challenges and is devoted to steering you toward success with customized solutions that drive digital transformation. Let our expertise guide you as you forge ahead with confidence.

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Discover the 6 Essential Strategies to Successfully Navigate Supply Chain Disruptions

Is your company struggling with supply chain disruptions, constraints, and bottlenecks? Access our webinar on demand to gain foresight into  disruptions and discover solutions to strengthen your supply chain. 

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