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Microsoft Power Apps

Drive business growth with easy-to-build apps

Introducing Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is a robust low-code development platform that allows you to build custom apps to meet your business needs, modernize processes, and solve business challenges. By offering a low-code environment, Power Apps enables you to accelerate app development with pre-built templates, drag-and-drop simplicity, and create custom mobile apps without writing code. Reduce time and development costs, increase overall efficiency, and innovate without restraints. Where traditional platforms stop, PowerApps starts by allowing professional developers to extend the capabilities. Microsoft Power Apps is one of the Power Platform apps and can be used alone and has effortless integration with Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and other stand-alone applications. Get in touch with Kwixand Solutions, a Microsoft Power Apps Partner, to learn more about how Power Apps can drive business transformation.  

Get the Most Out of Power Apps with Kwixand Solutions

As a Microsoft Power Apps Partner, we can help you build robust custom apps, customize or enhance tools and applications, and digitize complex business processes. When you partner with us, our core focus is to deliver great value and help your business succeed in the long-run. We work to understand your business processes and corporate values and then leverage our industry knowledge, best practices, and expertise to develop the best strategies and action plans that work specifically for your organization. 

Guaranteed Results

If the results we agreed upon are not delivered, we recommend you pay us only what you believe our services were worth. 

Billing Options

 While we bill by time and material, we also offer you the option of hiring our services at a fixed cost bid.

Industry Experts

Our team of experts has decades of industry experience and knowledge and can guide your business to success.

Ready to talk to a consultant? ​Our Power Apps experts are here to answer any questions you may have.

Power Apps Top Features

Microsoft Power Apps may be right for your business if you are looking for a quick and easy way to build web and mobile apps to solve your business challenges. With Power Apps and professional partner support, small and medium-sized businesses can save development costs and time to create sophisticated apps easily that have enterprise-grade security and compliance.   

Simplify App Development

  • Easily build custom, feature-rich business apps for mobile or web, without writing any code. Choose from pre-built templates or start from a blank canvas. 

  • Launch working apps in a fraction of the time with a platform designed for agile deployment, so you can deliver value fast and continuously evolve features to further benefit your business.

  • Create professional apps from your data. Utilize your data and business processes to automatically generate immersive, responsive applications that can run on any device. 

Microsoft Power Apps Screenshot - Busine
Microsoft Power Apps Screenshot - App Cu

Innovate and Drive Business Growth

  • Reduce costs with a single all-in-one platform that combines everything a business user needs from mobile applications, workflow, and business intelligence

  • Evolve your business with ease with Microsoft Power Platform—combine Power Apps with Power BI and Power Automate to create powerful end-to-end business solutions.

  • Get up and running in a few days without requiring a significant upfront investment thanks to a simple monthly subscription model.

Customize and Integrate With Ease

  • Integrate data with just a few clicks. Capture new data directly, integrate data from hundreds of sources with pre-built custom APIs and act on insights with the click of a button.

  • Extend your app capabilities further as a professional developer with custom connectors and logic. Experience the full range of development and ALM functionality with rich pro developer tools like Visual Studio and DevOps.

  • Never compromise on security or compliance. One centralized admin center, with GDPR compliance, and enterprise-grade security, helps you view and manage all your first and third-party applications.

Microsoft Power Apps Screenshot - Extend

Power Apps Resources

We are here to help you navigate through your digital transformation journey. Refer to our library of resources for articles and updates about business intelligence, Power Apps, and more. 

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Power Apps simplifies the process of building apps to solve unique challenges. Here’s how it drives  business efficiency. 

A laptop open to the Power Apps dashboard on a desk with a clock a mug and a container of pencils.

Microsoft Power Apps can help your business build custom apps to drive transformation and innovation. Here's how.

Reasons SMBs Should Innovate With Power

4 Reasons SMBs Should Innovate With Power Apps

Sometimes there isn’t an out-of-the-box app for your unique business challenge. This is where low-code development can help.

Dynamics 365 Resources Background Image.

Discover How Power Apps Can Transform Your Organization

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