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What is BI (Business Intelligence)

Business Intelligence

Make data-driven business decisions

What is BI Software?

Business Intelligence (BI) helps organizations make more data-driven decisions by transforming data into actionable insights. BI software access and analyze data and present the findings visually in reports, dashboards, graphs, charts, and more in order to provide stakeholders with a comprehensive view of business performance. Management and decision-makers across departments can then use those actionable insights to drive change, eliminate inefficiencies, and quickly adapt to market or supply changes. At Kwixand Solutions, we understand how utilizing BI software can optimize your business operations and uncover new opportunities. Get in touch to discuss how an intelligent BI solution can empower your business.  

Benefits of BI Software

BI software can help companies make better decisions by showing present and historical data within their business context. Here are some of the biggest benefits a BI solution has to offer: 

Better Decisions

Accurate data and faster reporting mean better business decisions which are vital for success.

More Efficiency

BI software reduces time spent on reporting, allowing employees to focus on revenue-generating tasks.

Increased Revenue

Actionable insights from BI software can help identify new revenue opportunities.

Reduced Costs

BI software can help identify areas where your company can cut down costs.

Improved Reporting

Reports can be quickly generated in real-time and relevant KPIs can be monitored and tracked.

Competitive Edge

With BI, companies can keep up with industry changes and anticipate customer needs.

Microsoft Power BI

As a Microsoft Power BI partner, our team is highly experienced in the implementation of Microsoft's BI solution. With Power BI, you can easily connect to and visualize any data using the unified, scalable platform. Learn how your business can gain deeper data insight with Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI

Ready to talk to a business consultant? ​Out BI experts are here to answer any questions you may have.

BI Resources

We are here to help you navigate your company's digital transformation with our library of resources. Keep updated with articles and news about BI software, Power BI, business intelligence best practices, and more.

Resource Image - Key Benefits of Power BI

[Infographic] 6 Key Benefits of Using Power BI

Discover the 6 key benefits of using Microsoft Power BI for your business intelligence and reporting needs.

Young Businesswomen

Watch how Power BI can help you read data, discover insights, and forecast trends across a wide range of business priorities.

Benefits of BI for SMBs - Blog

How Business Intelligence Can Help Your Small Business

 Find out how BI can drive business growth, boost revenue, and improve decision-making for your small business.

Signs Your Business Needs BI Software

Is it time for your business to implement a BI solution? If you’re inundated with data and considering whether you need business intelligence, here are some signs that can indicate whether your business is ready for BI software.

Using Multiple Data Sources

Are you manually reporting using multiple data sources?

Loss of Market Share

Are your competitors always ahead of you? Do you find you have lost market share? 

Difficult to Find Important Information

Are you having constant difficulties tracking important information?

Relying On Excel Spreadsheets

Is Excel unable to handle the volume of data you have? Are reports sluggish?

Think your business is ready for Power BI? Our team of experts can help guide you through the process.

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