Digital Transformation and Strategies


We believe that your success is about much more than just the technology and software - it is about helping you meet your business objectives. Your digital transformation should embody your people using it and be reflective of your company culture without sacrificing the process that works best for you. Kwixand will be there to support and guide you through your journey as trusted advisors.


Business Process Improvement


Our professionals understand business process. Our goal is to help you be as efficient and streamlined as possible and eliminate redundancies. If you are struggling with getting things done or lacking controls, we can review your processes and help you make the necessary improvements to be more efficient. This may involve physical process changes, technology changes or a combination of many changes. We can assist with identifying opportunities to consolidate, centralize or share data between different parts of the business to improve your productivity.

Business Systems Implementation

We sell, implement and support the full suite of Microsoft business technology. This includes all the Dynamics 365 cloud products as well as on premise products, Power Suite, O365, Azure and more. We aren’t just providing a service; we want to build a partnership. We want to work with you every step of the way from purchase to production and beyond. Additionally, if you’re having trouble with your current system or implementation, we can come in to assess the environment and help you get the most out of your business system investment.


Reporting and Analytics


Get the most out of your data by implementing the right reporting and analytical tools and strategies.  Or team can help you merge your requirements, data and process into a valuable tool to help you manage your business and make the best possible decisions


System Integration and Development

Your business is unique, that’s one of the many reasons it is successful. The technology you use should also be unique to match. Some systems need to exchange data but don’t, leaving your staff to use valuable time manually entering duplicate data. Other systems may have a gap that needs to be filled. With our custom integration and development service, we can extend your current software setup, or build something completely bespoke to your needs.




We provide our own support for every product or service offered. In cases where you are really struggling with software tools already in place, we may be able to offer support for that as well to ensure you get the help you deserve. If it’s a critical problem to you, it’s a critical problem to us too. We also use the very practices that we preach so you get first-hand experience in seeing how our Digital Transformation mindset can help.


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