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IT & Consulting Services - Kwixand Solutions

Helping Businesses Digitally Transform

IT & Consulting Services

We Set Your Business up for Long-Term Success

Through careful, strategic development and consulting Kwixand Solutions helps businesses advance, create efficient digital transformations, and champion digital innovation. Our experts will guide you through the entire digital transformation journey, from strategy to implementation to on-going support. We believe in long-lasting partnerships that not only set your business up for success but ensure that you continue to thrive and compete efficiently in an ever-changing digital landscape. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you.

Guaranteed Results

If the results we agreed upon are not delivered, we recommend you pay us only what you believe our services were worth. 

Billing Options

 While we bill by time and material, we also offer you the option of hiring our services at a fixed cost bid.

Industry Experts

Our team of experts have 20+ years of industry experience and knowledge and can guide your business to success.


Digital Transformation Consultation & Strategy

We know that successful digital transformation is not just about introducing new technologies - it is about helping you meet your business objectives and achieve ROI.


Your digital transformation should embody your employees and be reflective of your company culture without sacrificing processes that work best for you. We will be there to support and guide you through your transformation as trusted advisors and help you create an agile business that will thrive in a rapidly-evolving digital world. 


Process Improvement 

If your organization is lacking controls or struggling in certain areas, we will review your business processes and help you make the necessary improvements to increase your efficiency and eliminate redundancies. 


This may involve physical process changes, technology changes, or a combination of both. We can assist with identifying opportunities to consolidate, centralize, or share data between different parts of the business to improve your productivity and ultimately, your bottom line.




Adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the first time or upgrading from an earlier version? We implement and support the full suite of Microsoft Dynamics 365, its on-premise products, and Power Suite using our fixed fee KwixSmart implementation methodology.

Our consultants will work with you at every step, to help you design, deploy, and adopt your software faster and with low risk. Additionally, if you’re having trouble with your current system or implementation, we can come in to assess the environment and help you get the most out of your business system investment. We also offer two fixed-fee implementation methodologies designed for companies looking to mitigate the risks of ERP implementations. 


System Integrations

Are you looking to bridge information gaps and simplify your daily operations? If you need your ERP or CRM to exchange information seamlessly with existing or new systems, we are here to help.

Whether integrating with existing applications or migrating to a new platform, our team of experts can connect your entire business ecosystem, ensuring scalability and stability.



Custom Development

Your business is unique and the software you use should be tailored to meet your needs. If your business management software has gaps, we can help you get the most out of your system.

From building custom applications and add-ons from the ground up or extensive customization in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM or ERP, our team is committed to your long-term success.


Reporting & Analytics

Accurate reporting and analysis are the backbone of any successful business. Get the most out of your business data by implementing the right reporting and analytical tools and strategies. 


Our team can help you merge your requirements, data, and processes into a powerful data analysis tool to help you manage your business and make better, data-driven business decisions. 



Customer Care

Once you have implemented a new solution and completed a successful go-live with Kwixand Solutions, you can continue to rely on us for support and guidance. 


We are with you for the long-haul and offer support for every solution and service offered. Struggling with a system that's already in place? We are happy to offer support for that as well. Get the help you deserve with Kwixand Customer Care.

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