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KwixApps: Custom apps for D365 Business Central. Text over an image of a laptop on a desk open to Business Central.


Custom Apps for D365 Business Central

What is a KwixApp?

Developed by the Kwixand Solutions team, KwixApps are custom applications designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. These custom apps replace workarounds and old customization to expand your functionality, helping you get the most of your Dynamics 365 Business Central solution. KwixApps are available to download on Microsoft Appsource and are approved by Microsoft. 

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Subscription Management

Subscriptions Management allows you to create an unlimited number of subscriptions that can create recurring purchase invoices and sales invoices.

Business Central Add-Ons

Benefit from our partnerships with top ISV providers. We'll assist your organization in choosing and implementing the ideal add-on solution to enhance your Dynamics 365 Business Central setup, tailored to your needs and budget. 


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