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Mulitple Budget Reporting for D365 Busin


Multiple Budget Reporting for D365 Business Central 

Multiple Budgets App for D365 Business Central

Extend the functionality of your account schedules in Dynamics 365 Business Central with our Multiple Budget Reporting app. When producing your financial statements, you may often run into issues if there are multiple budgets or multiple versions of budgets in the system. As a workaround, you must use the GL Budget Filters in account schedules to filter out all but one budget from being included in the report. This can be a challenge if you need to use different budget for different years or have a budget forecasting process. 


With the Multiple Budget Reporting app, you can easily assign multiple budgets in your financial reports and view your reports directly in Account Schedules without the hassle of exporting and importing to Excel, using filters, or relying on a third-party reporting system. Help your accounting team save valuable time and effort with our easy-to-use app. 

Simplify Multi Budget Reporting

  • Easily assign multiple budgets to your financial reports. 

  • Get access to a custom 'Budget Name' column in your Account Schedule once you download the app. 

  • Simplifies your budget forecasting process as it lets you display ​your yearly budget and updated forecast on the same account schedule report. 

Mulitple Budget Reporting App Screenshot
Multiple Budgets in Account Schedules Sc

View Reports in Your Account Schedule

  • Use ​custom URLs to launch into the D365 Business Central Account Schedule Overview directly with all the user-specific filters. 

  • Quickly view and distribute financial reports directly within your Account Schedules without the hassle of exporting to Excel. 

  • Distribute reports efficiently to managers by providing them a URL that sends them to the correct financial statement. They won't have to navigate around the system. 

What Is a KwixApp?

Customize with Ease

KwixApps will easily extend your current software's capability and help you address custom business needs.

Microsoft Approved

All our KwixApps are approved by Microsoft and available for download on the Microsoft Appsource.

Save Time & Effort

KwixApps are designed to save your end-users time and effort so that they can focus on the important things.

Developed by the Kwixand Solutions team, Kwixapps are custom applications designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. These custom apps replace workarounds and old customization and expand your functionality, helping you get the most of your Dynamics 365 Business Central solution. KwixApps are available to download on Microsoft Appsource and are approved by Microsoft. 

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