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Kwixapp - Subscription Management for D3


Subscription Management for D365 Business Central 

Subscription Management App for D365 Business Central

Subscriptions Management for Dynamics 365 Business Central is an Extension solution that allows you to create an unlimited number of subscriptions that can generate recurring purchase invoices and sales invoices by merely running a single posting process. When you post subscriptions, a purchase invoice will optionally be created for each subscription, and one or multiple sales invoices will optionally be created. The functionality allows you to choose and control how invoices are generated and if they are automatically posted or require user review before posting.


Easily Manage Subscriptions

  • View all subscriptions and their status on one convenient list page.

  • Monitor profit margin by subscription.

  • Put a subscription on hold if you want to stop posting a subscription temporarily.

  • Conveniently monitor the last processing data and the next processing date for subscriptions.


Flexible Configuration

  • Easily configure whether to generate AP transactions or AR transactions, or both.

  • Define the frequency of posting and the timing of when you want the posting to occur.

  • Include multiple customers to create various sales invoices for one subscription.

  • Add the line items you want to include on the purchase invoice and sales invoice.

Automation Attributes

  • Choose if you want the purchase invoice and the sales invoice automatically posted.

  • Optionally, automatically email the sales invoice to your customer after it is posted.

  • Choose if you want to allow sales invoices for one customer combined across subscriptions.


What Is a KwixApp?

Customize with Ease

KwixApps will easily extend your current software's capability and help you address custom business needs.

Microsoft Approved

All our KwixApps are approved by Microsoft and available for download on the Microsoft Appsource.

Save Time & Effort

KwixApps are designed to save your end-users time and effort, so that they can focus on the important things.

Developed by the Kwixand Solutions team, Kwixapps are custom applications designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. These custom apps replace workarounds and old customization and expand your functionality, helping you get the most of your Dynamics 365 Business Central solution. KwixApps are available to download on Microsoft Appsource and are approved by Microsoft. 

Ready to customize your ERP or CRM solution? Explore our library of custom applications.

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