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Microsoft Business Central 2024 Release Wave 1 Update

Discover the latest features and enhancements in Microsoft Business Central 2024 Release Wave 1.

A business professional reading about Microsoft Business Central 2024 Release Wave 1 Updates on a laptop.

Microsoft Business Central is a versatile business management application designed for small and mid-sized businesses. With a comprehensive suite of features, Business Central streamlines processes across finance management, supply chain operations, manufacturing, distribution, project management, service delivery, and more.

With its latest update, Business Central 2024 Release Wave 1 brings exciting enhancements and innovations. Kwixand can assist you in navigating these updates seamlessly. Our expertise ensures that you maximize the benefits of Business Central's capabilities. We'll tailor the application to suit your industry's needs and regional requirements, ensuring a smooth integration process.

Business Central's simplicity in setup and customization, combined with Kwixand's guidance, ensures you quickly adapt to new features. This seamless integration makes innovation effortless in your business operations.

What Updates Are Included in Microsoft Business Central 2024 Release Wave 1?

With Microsoft’s recent investments in its AI assistant, Copilot, for Microsoft 365, it’s no surprise that this 2024 Release Wave 1 update includes further integration of Copilot with Business Central. This update will provide Business Central users with extended Copilot capabilities for optimizing business processes, allowing users to complete tasks with greater speed and efficiency.

Business Central updates in 2024 release wave 1 include:

  • Expanding Global Reach: Microsoft Business Central's global availability has been significantly extended, now reaching over 155 countries and regions. This expansion ensures businesses worldwide can leverage its powerful features.

  • Enhanced Project and Service Management: This update sees substantial investments in project and service management capabilities within Business Central, empowering organizations to streamline these crucial aspects of their operations.

  • Improved Finance Functionality: In this release, notable enhancements have been made to the finance area, particularly in improving the consolidation experience, ensuring smoother financial processes for users.

  • Accelerated Automation: With Microsoft Power Platform, setting up workflows in Business Central has become remarkably easier. More templates supporting a wide array of scenarios are being delivered, enabling users to automate processes effortlessly, enhancing productivity across the board.

  • Developer Productivity Boost: Microsoft is committed to enhancing productivity for developers, particularly those working with GitHub, Visual Studio Code, and AppSource marketplace. New code refactoring capabilities, streamlined functional and performance testing, and AL GO for GitHub integration are among the exciting additions.

  • Advanced Governance and Administration: Business Central now offers a range of self-service features empowering administrators to manage access to environments with greater granularity. Additionally, Microsoft 365 Audit Log provides enhanced audit capabilities, further bolstering data privacy with options for customer-managed encryption keys and Azure Lockbox.

  • Compliance and Legislation Updates: This release introduces new capabilities facilitating access to VAT dates during transaction posting previews. Moreover, the introduction of the sustainability journal aids in sustainability reporting, aligning with evolving regulatory requirements.

  • Expanded Reporting and Data Analysis: Analysis mode receives additional capabilities, and both Power BI and Excel Layouts are now seamlessly integrated, offering enhanced reporting and data analysis functionalities.

  • Continued Investment in Service and Platform: Microsoft is committed to strengthening the fundamentals of Business Central's service, focusing on high availability, performance, stability, resource governance, security, and compliance. This ensures a robust and reliable platform for businesses to operate smoothly and securely.

While the majority of these updates are available as of April 2024, some features may not launch until later this year. A full list of release dates is available in the 2024 Wave 1 Release Plan from Microsoft. You can also get a preview of the release updates to Business Central on YouTube.

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