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7 Critical Questions to Ask an ERP Implementation Partner

Evaluating potential ERP implementation partners? These questions are critical to making sure you’re selecting the right one.

You know that selecting the right ERP software for your company is critical – but so is selecting the right ERP partner to help you implement and support your project. The right partner will be able to deliver a solution that achieves your business needs, fueling growth, ROI, and long-term success. On the other hand, the wrong ERP partner can be disruptive to your business – causing cost overruns, delayed timelines, and an inadequate solution. One way to ensure that you end up with the right partner for your business is by asking the right questions. Here’s a list of critical questions you should ask every potential ERP software partner you’ve shortlisted.

Ask Your Potential ERP Partner These Questions

🔎 What is your implementation process like, and what makes it successful?

ERP implementations can be complex. Be sure to ask your ERP software partner about their implementation methodology, addressing their processes or approach to the requirements gathering phase, solution design, deployment, etc. They should be experienced in successfully implementing your selected software within your industry and well-equipped to handle any unforeseen issues.

🔎 How do you ensure that we stay on time and within budget?

You might be worried that your ERP project might have cost overruns or exceed the set timelines – and with good reason. The internet is flooded with stories of ERP implementations gone wrong, and ERP implementation risks are well documented. A good ERP partner will have strategies to ensure your company goes live on time and within the set budget. They should also have a well-documented implementation plan that clearly outlines how your project will be managed. Learn more about the processes and systems your partner uses to ensure your project stays on track and how they manage change order requests.

🔎 What expectations do you have from us?

Although your ERP partner is responsible for implementing and deploying your ERP solution, your internal team will also be heavily involved in the process. Good partners will have a list of expectations they will require from you around data migration, testing, validation, training, etc.

🔎 Which team members will we work with?

The availability of the right people contributing to the ERP effort is essential for long-term success. Learn more about the team you will be working with and their experience. At least some of the team members on your project team should have expertise in your specific industry. Your project team should also have experience working with your company's size and growth stage. Since you’ll be working closely with them, get a sense of whether your business values align.

🔎 What training and support services do you provide?

You want an ERP partner that remains active after go-live. Good ERP software partners provide training and support for your end users. Use this question to find out what specific programs or training materials your ERP partner has in place and what kind of ongoing support plans they offer. They should also be well-versed in change management and have a plan from the start to make the transition easier for your company.

🔎 How do you approach customizations and integration?

Most mid-market ERP systems come with robust out-of-the-box functionality. But if your business has complex or unique processes, you might need some customizations to fill the gaps via third-party apps or code development. An ideal partner will be well-versed in your industry and the solution they implement to inform you about the ERP solution's strengths and weaknesses for your company. They will also be familiar with other ISV solutions to help bridge the gaps.

🔎 Are customer references available?

Checking references in the final stage is critical – always ask for references. Ask about how many clients they’ve served in your specific industry and whether they can provide references from companies like yours in terms of industry, size, goals, etc. Be sure to follow up and call or email those references to understand further what their experience with that partner was like.


The secret to any successful digital transformation or ERP implementation project is the people working with you. Use these questions as a starting point to delve deeper to understand how your potential ERP partner works and whether they will be the right fit for your company. The ideal ERP partner will want to foster a long-term business partnership with your organization that lasts well after go-live.

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