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Why Discovery is Critical for ERP Project Success

A successful ERP implementation project starts with a thorough discovery process. Here's why it's so important.

Team Conducting an ERP Discovery Process

Once your company has done its online research and has tentatively narrowed down your ERP solutions, you need to ensure your ERP partner conducts a thorough discovery before you jump into the next steps. This phase is crucial for a successful digital transformation – here's why.

What is an ERP Discovery Phase?

The discovery phase is when your ERP partner does a deep dive into your business operations and processes. At Kwixand Solutions, our discovery process begins with a meeting between our professional services team and key individuals at your business to collect your business requirements.

We get information about all your business processes, how they're done, and, more importantly, why they exist in the first place. All this is documented in great detail, and these findings are presented internally, which generate more questions to ask your team. It's an iterative process that gives us an excellent understanding of your business's functional requirements. We focus on understanding your functional requirements as well as your company's challenges, opportunities, and future goals.

Once the functional document is completed, the Kwixand team begins analyzing the Dynamics 365 ERP solution the client has selected. They assess which requirements are available out of the box, identify gaps in the software, and design solutions to fill those gaps. This leads to creating a project plan based on the estimated effort to implement everything in the functional requirements document. Once the project plan is complete, our team can estimate a schedule and a budget.

What is the Importance of the ERP Discovery Stage?

As you can see, the discovery process is the first step to understanding your business and what your company hopes to achieve in the short and long term. It helps you know whether the solution you've selected fits your business processes and goals. It also leads the way to create a project plan, a schedule, and a budget.

Here's a quick roundup of the many reasons why the discovery phase is so important:

✅ Creates a Roadmap

A thorough discovery phase enables your ERP partner to develop a roadmap for your digital transformation project, estimate the effort required accurately, and create a realistic timeline and budget.

✅ Minimizes Risk

Having a clear understanding of your business's functional requirements and goals helps create more accurate estimates of time and budget. This goes a long way in reducing the risks of going over budget and over-schedule.

✅ Empowers the Project Team

A new ERP will impact the entire organization – so the discovery phase is an excellent way to ensure your organization's project team and other internal stakeholders are on the same page. With the empowerment of those working to impact the outcome, buy-in is increased, and the chances of adoption are higher.

✅ Helps Avoid Scope Creep Changes

A skipped or skimped discovery process can mean you might discover vital issues or requirements later on which can cause scope creep, leading to additional costs, and delays.


A diligent discovery process is critical to ERP implementation success. It helps you find the right ERP solution for your business and mitigates many common ERP implementation risks down the line. If you have any questions about the process, get in touch with the Kwixand Solutions team.

As an ERP partner who works with companies across Canada and the US, we're here to guide you through the entire digital transformation process. Book a free consultation to learn how we can help your business.

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