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10 Revenue-Boosting Sales Tools for Your Small or Mid-Sized Business  

From saving time to improving engagement, these 10 tools can help your small or mid-sized business boost sales.  

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The sales process can be more challenging in a small business. To stay competitive, small businesses need to work smarter and become more efficient to get from contract to contract a lot faster.  At the end of the day, it takes a lot to succeed in sales – you don’t need the additional hassle of doing manual tasks. Here is a list of sales tools for small businesses that will support and improve your sales processes and help you close more deals.  

LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

Helps with sales prospecting. 

If your budget allows it and you are a B2B business, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great source for finding relevant prospects. With more than 189 million users in North America alone, Sales Navigator makes it easy to find leads who fit your customer profile and track market opportunities. In a nutshell, it is a powerhouse for prospecting. You also have access to features like receiving custom lead recommendations, real-time sales updates for customers and prospects, and a dashboard for measuring your social selling results.  

Dynamics 365 Sales  

Helps optimize sales processes.   

customer relationship management (CRM) tool is another must-have sales tool in your arsenal. Dynamics 365 Sales is a cloud-based CRM solution that helps you manage the sales process from start to end and transform the way you sell. To outline a few features, D365 Sales can help you track every customer touchpoint, streamlines lead management, identifies cross-selling opportunities, forecasts revenue, and helps you identify gaps in your sales pipeline. It’s fully configurable to your business, and as a cloud solution, lets you scale your business with ease. It also integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft tools such as SharePoint, Outlook, Office 365, and OneDrive. 


Helps with lead generation and conversion.  

ProProfs is a live chat sales tool that can increase lead generation and boost sales conversions. This tool identifies visitor intent on your website and lets you connect with them at strategic moments through live chat. Set up automated messages on checkout pages to reduce cart abandonment and use predefined greetings and announce offers for your website visitors to grow leads from every webpage. You can easily import leads to your CRM and other marketing tools.  


Helps with outreach content. 

When you’re crafting a sales email, it’s sometimes tricky to know what kind of message will resonate with your prospect. That’s where a tool like Regie is useful. It takes details like your buyer persona into account and generates email copy that will speak to your audience. After sending the emails, it will also analyze responses for continuous optimization and track results.  


Helps with work management. 

Asana is a work management tool that can help you define efficient sales processes. You can easily set up tasks, subtasks, projects, and workspaces to streamline your sales team and ensure they get all the information they need to respond to prospects. You can also set up common projects as templates to establish consistent best practices when it comes to closing deals and onboarding new customers. Bonus: They offer a free plan for smaller businesses with up to 15 members.  


Helps with sales demos and pitches. 

Demodesk is an intelligent meeting tool for sales teams that helps increase sales productivity and close deals with features such as automated scheduling, pre-loaded playbooks, note-taking, video conferencing, and more. It doesn’t require any downloads and keeps prospects engaged by using a secure virtual display to present websites, applications, slides, and more – instead of just sharing your local desktop. It also integrates with your CRM and calendar for seamless scheduling, handover, and meeting logging. 

Power BI 

Helps with sales analytics. 

Microsoft’s Power BI allows you to create dashboards that give you actionable insights into your team’s sales metrics such as quotas, market size, opportunities, and more. You can easily blend your sales data with data from other business functions such as marketing or finance to get an overall view of how your business is performing. You can also monitor key metrics like win rates, number of wins, revenue, discounts, and YTD revenue maps. The dashboards are refreshed with up-to-date data automatically. Plus, creating these dashboards is extremely easy, with drag-and-drop editors and thousands of pre-made templates.  


Helps with sales proposals.  

Proposify can help you create striking sales proposals that can set you apart from companies who are using basic word editors to create theirs. It offers a library of branded templates with drag and drop for ease of management, interactive designs, use of electronic signatures, access to an online preview tool, and more. Your beautiful sales proposals will be kept in the cloud and can be shared easily among your team.  


Helps your sales pipeline. 

Leadfeeder keeps your pipeline flowing by identifying companies that visit your website and engage with your content. By analyzing your website traffic, it provides insights that help you discover opportunities or prepare a sales pitch. You can see which companies show interest in your brand, which specific products or services they showed interest in, and what content they engaged with. It also integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics.  


Helps with scheduling sales meetings. 

If you find the need for a proper scheduling tool, Calendly can help you there. It helps schedule sales meetings, demos, interviews, and more with ease – right into your calendar, without the back-and-forth emails. It can connect with up to 6 of your calendars and automatically checks availability to ensure you’re never double-booked. Bonus: the basic package is free and can cover a lot of your basic scheduling needs at no cost.  

Final Tips 

Sales tools are a good way to streamline your current processes, generate more sales, and improve your bottom line. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it’s a good start to begin your research into what types of sales tools will help your small or mid-sized business the most. If you have any questions about improving your business processes and which tools to leverage, get in touch with the team at Kwixand Solutions.  


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